Replacement Allwin Backflashes

As many Allwins have had a hard life and been through a few changes over the years Its always good to make contact before ordering and if necessary checking a few dimensions.
Payouts could also have been altered by operators and I can work with you to make changes if necessary.
I normally don’t carry backflashes in stock, most are prepared to order so please allow 7-10 days from date of order.

Backflashes are printed on a 260 GSM synthetic gloss photo paper and then laminated with a 200 micron high gloss laminate to simulate the acetate original. These are supplied oversize so you can easily cut ball holes etc to suit each machine. 

I will also supply a lightweight paper printed template to practice positioning of holes etc.
All Topflashes will be printed on the reverse of poycarbonate and are semi translucent so they can be illuminated if required.

Backflash with polycarbonate topflash plus lightweight paper template to practice with £35.00 incl p&p for the standard Whales machines and £45 for the large case (UK ….Overseas please enquire for postage cost).

If your machine isn’t pictured here please e-mail me and I may be able to help. I have helped collectors working either from their original ( removed ) backflash or from a clear photo and some critical dimensions and then I can share the design with other enthusiasts.

If you have an Allwin in need of restoration and dont fancy tacking it yourself I do buy complete machines. Contact me at the email below.

Backflashes that are currently available can be seen below.          email 

’24 WINNING CUP’ (Oliver Whales )

Large case machine.  £45 incl p&p

9 RESULTS ( Oliver Whales )

ALL 12 WINS (Oliver Whales )

ALLWIN DELUXE (Oliver Whales )

ALLWIN DELUXE (Oliver Whales )

(Type 2 with arrows )

‘CHAD’ (Oliver Whales )


‘DOUBLE SIX’ (Oliver Whales )



'EACH WAY' (Oliver Whales )

‘EASY PERM’ (Oliver Whales )


‘GOAL’ (Oliver Whales )


‘HAVE-A-GO’ (Oliver Whales )


‘INTERSPACE’ (Oliver Whales )

Large case machine.  £45 incl p&p

‘OLWIN’ (Oliver Whales )


‘PENNY POINTS’ (Oliver Whales )


‘POT LUCK’ (Oliver Whales )

 Topflash in production

‘STRIKE ‘EM’ (Oliver Whales )

Large case machine.  £45 incl p&p

‘TREBLE CHANCE’ (Oliver Whales )

 Topflash in production

‘WIN a CHEW’ (Oliver Whales )

 Wrigley’s Spearmint

‘WIN a CHOC’ (Oliver Whales )


‘WIN a GIFT’ (Oliver Whales )


‘WIN a GUM’ (Oliver Whales )



‘WIN a NESTLE’ (Oliver Whales )



‘WIN a PENGUIN’ (Ruffler and Walker )


‘WIN a POLO’ (Oliver Whales )


'WIN A PRIZE' (Oliver Whales)

‘WIN a SPANGLES’ (Oliver Whales )